Love Wins

Some thoughts from our minister Stuart Radcliffe in the wake of the terrible tragedy of Monday evening:

love wins

For nearly 50 years now I have been proud to call Manchester my home. I love its spirit, its life, its vibrancy. It taught me to dance (badly), to sing (badly) and to love extravagantly. The individual who tried to destroy all of that on Monday night will not win, Manchester is bigger, and stronger and more hopeful than they will ever be. It has more compassion, more understanding and embraces diversity more than they could have ever understood, it stands for everything that is good and tolerant, it taught me to see the best in all people, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality. This morning none of that has changed, instead I am more determined than ever to make it a reality, to work for peace, to share hope and to shout from the rooftops that LOVE WINS!

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